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CHAW - About Us

"Chaw" is a Bengali word which means "lets move". As the name suggest, we believe in taking a break from regular routine and go off for a vacation to recharge ourselves very often. Eagerness to break our mind free from the boundness of daily dose of torture, we the 'Chaw Borgo' often ramble through the beauty of nature to gather oxygen for life.

Who we are actually? We are fun loving non-profitable travel group, aging between 25-35. The members of this group is either present or ex-employee of a Sector V, Kolkata based company. We set "Travel" as one of the top most priority in our life. That's the reason, when we plan for a tour 20-25 eager names get enrolled within moments.

Brief History- We formed this group officially in March, 2013. Though unofficially we conducted more than 6 tours in last couple of years when we called ourselves as "Bedouins". Later when we seriously thought about the branding of our group this unique name came into our mind which best describes us.

But why we created this group? Simply because our common interest is same. We want to travel and travel in our style and wish, in a fun filled environment. So once anyone joined us, want to stay with us as they get the best possible experience which they can relish lifetime. Members when unable to join the tour for some unavoidable reason, really feels bad.

To us "Interest of the Group" comes first before individuals to maintain the group. So we are very choosy when we select new member to our group. It may sound a bit odd but we try to select members who can match the frequency level of our group. Till date we have choose member either as very well known to us or referred by any member.

Though it might sound "Saint" type, but we are strongly against any alcoholic chaos/abuse during our tour so we avoid boozing while we are in tour. But we, "Chaw Borgo", are like this only and we are proud to live and travel in this way. We don't want a very big group but a SOLID one instead. Happy TRAVELING !!