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Boranti - Country of Flower 'Polash'

By Supratik Kar posted Mar 15, 2013

Are you a nature lover! Then come and visit Eastern India to enjoy the beauty of spring when ‘Polash’ is in full bloom. A small village, Boranti in Purulia district is your best weekend destination.

Me with Saurav and Debojyoti boarded Chakradharpur Fast Passenger from Howrah on 9th March, 2013 Friday night at 11 pm and reached Adra Junction around 6 in the morning. The morning was pretty cool and pleasant and we took a deep breath as we are almost close to our destination. We got our tickets to Muradi station and it was a twenty minutes ride on an Asansol bound EMU train. When the train left Adra Station we marked the changes in the scenic beauty. At Muradi Station we can’t believe our eyes! A vast stretch on land covered with fresh green trees with a punch of glowing orange Polash that merged with the foggy hills against a cerulean blue sky. We started taking snaps. Manoj, a local boy was ready with his car and after a 15 minutes ride we reached Boranti Nature Hut. This lodge was next to Muradi dam and has a beautiful natural garden. We are served hot cup of tea with puri and sweets. It’s around 9 and our car honked at the gate. We are ready for Gorponchokot, Jai Chandi Hills and Panchet Dam.

First we stopped at Gorponchokot. It’s merely a ruin now but still we could get the flavor of the beautiful terracotta temple. On the way we stopped and took snaps of the natural beauty – fresh green with the mixture of glowing orange surrounding the big lakes and tribal women coming down from the hills with a big load of woods.

Our next location was Jai Chandi Hills. Apart from the scenic beauty this location was known for the shooting spot of Satyajit Ray’s ‘Hirok Rajar Deshe’. We climbed approx 550 steps to the top of the hill. Sitting on the edge of a big rock it was like a Google map satellite view. Looking at the other hill was looking like huge bell.

On our way we passed through number of villages, both sides of our snake road were filled with Polash trees and we reached Panchet Dam. A big stretch of deep bluish green clear water with few boats hooked on the banks. These areas are surrounded with hills and dense forest of Polash trees.

Don’t miss the sunset at Muradi dam, it’s really a gift of Mother Nature. In the evening we had a pleasant walk through Boranti village and enjoyed their peaceful life. The streets are getting darker and it’s almost invisible within ten feet except the fire flies that light up the bushes beside.

We woke up early and with our cameras had a 15 minutes’ walk to beautiful Polash forest. It’s just unbelievable to view of uncountable Polash trees; the narrow walk-way was also orange with Polash. We tried not to step on them but impossible.

You could also enjoy the tribal-art of the Boranti village. The mud houses are beautifully decked with motifs, specially the entrances and outer walls. Some of them have low relief mud murals also. We are speechless! With questions in our mind ‘Who has trained these people?’ ‘Where they learned?’ we left Boranti, your ideal weekend destination during spring.

Travel Tips:

• There are few trains from Howrah to Adra Junction but it’s better to travel in Chakradharpur Fast Passenger as it leaves Howrah at 23:05 hrs and you reach Adra at 5:30 hrs in the morning. The connecting train to Muradi is at 6:30 in the morning

• For stay at Boranti Nature Hut contact Shubhendu Adhikary, phone no - 9433077951. Here lodging is Rs. 500/- for 3 bedded room and whole day meal costs per person is Rs. 220/- (Starting from Bed tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Tiffin and Dinner).

• You can also stay at ‘Polash Bari’. This is a mud hove in the midst of Polash forest. Charges are Rs. 400/-. Here you have to carry the ration from town; they will cook and serve the food. You might also feel bit insecure if you stay with family, as here they has no security arrangements. Contact No. : 9051616012 / 9932542601

• There are also places where you can stay but for that you have to contact Subhendu Adhikary, contact no - 9433077951.

• For side seeing Boranti Nature Hut manager will arrange cars

• On your way back you can avail Volvo Service from Asansol which is 1 hour from Boranti by car and costs you Rs. 800/-. You can also avail trains from Muradi to Asansol.