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Daringibadi is a hill station in Odisha state of eastern India. It is widely known as "Kashmir of Odisha"[1] , situated at a height of 915 m in Kandhmal district,the place is gifted with natural bounties including pine jungles, coffee gardens and beautiful valleys. Daringbadi is set in a beautiful spot surrounded by thick rain forests with wild animals, and is an ideal summer resort.

Visiting places at Daringbadi

  • Hill View Point- For tourists there is a hill view point from where the whole of Darigbadi and neighborhood is visible, it is a must to be visited place while in Daringbadi.
  • Rushikulya river- This river originates from the slopes of Daringbadi hills.
  • Coffee plantation- There are two Coffee & black pepper plantations maintained by soil conservation/forest department daringbadi area which are an ideal place to explore and picnic.
  • Doluri River- Doluri river has many beautiful falls.
  • Putudi Water falls- Putudi waterfall is situated at a distance of just 15 km from the place of Phulbani. It is one of the prominent water falls in Orissa. The water of Putudi fall merges into River of Bada Saluki. The surrounding area of waterfall is covered by forest providing place for picnic.
  • Belghar Sanctuary- The tropical deciduous forest of Belghar Sanctuary is located at a distance of 158 kilometers from the city of Phulbani and around 50 km from daringbadi. The sanctuary spreads over an area of 16, 174,46 acres. Of which the cultivated area is 3876.44 acres. and rest area is reserved forest and others. The thick forest is home to a number of rare and endangered species of animals and plants. The pride of the forest however are the long tusked wild elephants that abound in plenty in the region.The region is inhabited by the tribal people known as the Dogria Khond the most primitive tribe of India or otherwise known as the Nakate tribes of the mountain.The tribal folks practice shifting agriculture and also use the products yielded by the forests. The local drink of the tribal people is prepared by mixing the juice extracted from salap and dead palm.A wooden bungalow at Belghar attracts many nature loving visitors.